Address: Chehel-Sotun Palace, Isfahan
Tel.: (+98) (311) 22686
Opening Hours: 8-18 ; Sunday to Saturday
Type of subjects and Museum: Archeological and ethnological

"Chehel-Sotun means "Forty Columns".

Chehel-Sotun Palace located within a spacious garden, dates back to the reigns of Safavid Shah Abbas 1 and 2.

It counts among the finest examples of Safavid era (16th. Century) architecture, comprising a lofty 20 columned veranda, a mirror hall and several chambers on the North and South side of the building. The whole building is decorated with excellent frescoes, mirror tessellations and stucco carvings.

This historical building was turned into a museum in 1958 and it was closed for 10 years, until 1988, when it was reopened under the name of museum. In future, it will changed to "Safavid Era Museum".

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