Address: Azadi Ave., Qazvin, Iran
Tel.: (+98) (281) 3230
Opening Hours: 7:30-14; closed Fridays
Type of Museum: General
Type of Objects: Archeological and Art

The palatial structure belongs to Safavid era. Its Architectural style resembles that of the "Hasht- Behesht" edifice in Isfahan. "Chehel-Sotun" is built in two floors and stands in the center of a spacious garden. Each floor is ornamented with painting and gildings, inlaid doors and exquisite tile works. This Palace has been used as a museum since 1965.

Second floor is specialized for Qazvin archeological artifact and ancient art.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب