Address: 30th Tir St., Tehran
Tel: (+98) (21) 6672-6613 / 6672-6653 / 6672-6072
Fax: (+98) (21) 6671-7364
Opening hours: 8.30-13.30
Type of Museum: Artistic
Type of objects: Precious coins, paintings, rugs...

Malek National Library and Museum is one of the most important cultural institutions. This collection was set up and inaugurated in 1997. The building has 10,000 Sq. m area and comprises galleries dedicated to the exhibition of stamps, carpets, coins and paintings, as well as an administrative section, a library and reading halls. It contains two main parts:

Presently, there are 36000 volumes of printed books 18,000 excellent manuscripts, lithography and typography; some of them are the oldest ones.

b) Museum:
The other part of the Collection, is Museum, consists of variety halls:

1-Coin's Hall: Coins from pre-Islamic (Achaemenian and Sassanian) to Islamic period (Abbasids, Samanian, Qajar,...); also there are the coins of Imam Reza's nomination.

2- Stamp's Hall: In this hall, there are different kinds of valuable stamps from different countries.

3- Carpet's Hall: Precious carpets of well known carpet weavers, Amoqli, Saber, Haj Abdol,... are shown.

4- Art's Gallery: In this Gallery there are objects and portraits of scientists and politicians, Black Veil of "Cabba" in Filigree Work and Miniatures of Iranian and Indian painters.

The most outstanding among its collections are:
A stamp collection unique in the Middle East; 13 paintings by Kamalol-molk; a collection of oil paintings by Benetti, Lorrin and Halaf; a superb collection of pen-cases; a coin minted when Imam Reza was heir to the throne; miniature paintings and calligraphic pages.

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