Address: Zaferanieh St., Tehran
Phone: (98) (21) 2241 7336/7

Tamasha-gah Zaman
This museum present an interesting and absorbing collection of timekeepers.

The 700 Sq. m building is situated in a 6000 Sq. m garden. It is embellished with various dazzling Iranian arts and crafts such as ornamental brickwork, arched ceiling decorated with painting, plasterwork, tile work, nodular wood work and stone work.

The Garden:
- Zarvan Tablet: The mythological view of the ancient Iranians toward time
- Biological Clocks: Plants and animals that react at different hours of the day
- Early Clocks: The working models of some simple clocks used by ancient people: Sundial, water clock, sandglass and fire clock
- Time in biology & Geo-chronometry: Methods of determining the age of trees, some animals and sedimentary layers of the earth

The Building:
- Mechanical clocks and watches: Some antique clocks and watches from 17th to 20th century
- Calendars: The main existing calendars of the world and the copies of some simple ancient calendars
- Data bank and library: Complimentary information on any section of Time Museum is available through the use of computer and library.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب