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Mexico City: Center

Museums in Central Part of Mexico City

Antiguo Colrgio de San Ildefonso
Justo Sierra 16, Centro Historico; 5789 2505; 5702 6378
Mon-Sun 10-18; Wed & Sat 10-21

Noted for its fine architecture, the place holds even greater importance in the history of art for being the cradle of Mexican muralist movement.

Museo de Arte Popular
Revillagigedo no.11 esq con independencia Centro Historico: Tel.: 55 10 22 01
Tue-Sun 10-17

2600 pieces collection of the finest Mexican folk art, hosted in a great Art-Deco building, will allow you to discover and learn more about the Mexican culture.

Muse0 de la Ciudad de Mexico
Pino Suarez 30, Centro Historico; Tel.: 5542 0487; 5542 0671
Tue-Sun 10-17:30

The former home of Court of Santiago Calimaya, built by Francisco Guerrero y Torres and completed in 1871. Features Mexican painter Joaquin Clausell's studio.

Museo Franz Mayer
Av. Hidalgo 45, Centro Historico; 5518 2265 to 71
Tue-Sun 10-17

Franz Mayer Museum has important art collection of applied arts in Mexico from 16th to 19th century. (+ Library, bookstore, coffee shop)

Museo Jose Luis Cuevas
Academia 13, Centro Historico; 5542 6198; 5542 8959
Tue-Sun 10-18

Permanent Exhibition: Jose Luis Cuevas erotic room
35 water colors on paper, one graffiti, photographs and erotic objects from the artist's personal collection. Sculpture by Jose Luis Cuevas Giantess-Giant. Colossal enigmatic figure in bronze, which is the Museum's insignia.

Museo Mural Diego Rivera
Bolderas y Colon, Plaza Solidaridad, Centro Historico; 5510 2329; 5512 0754
Tue-Sun 10-18

Light-and-Sound Show of the mural "Sunday-afternoon Dream in the Central Alameda", painted by Diego Rivera in 1947.

Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes
Av. Juarez y Eje Central, Lazaro Cardenas, Centro Historico; 5512 2593; 5521 9251
Tue-Sun 10-18
Paintings, graphics, installations,...

Museo Nacional de San Carlos
Puente de Alvarado 50, Col. Tabacalera; 5566 8522; 5566 8342
Wed-Mon 10-18; Sat 10-19; Sun 10-20

Western art collection 14-20th century

Museo Nacional de Arte

Tocuba 8, Centro Historico; Tel.: 5521 2772; 5512 1684
Tue-Sun 10:30-17:30

Mexican art from 16th century to 1950. Colonial Art, muralists, painters of the Open Air and Mexican schools.

Museo SHCP
Antiguo Palacio del Arzobispado Moneda 4, Centro Historico; 5228 1241; 5228 1242
Tue-Sun 10-18
Collection belonging to Finance Ministry

Museo del Tempo Mayor
Seminario 8, Centro Historico; 5542 4943; 5542 0606
Tue-Sun 10-17
Light and sound in the Temple model; "The Path of Mictlan" death in the Mexicas' world.

Pinacoteca Virreinal de San Diego
Dr. Mara 7, Centro Historico; 5510 2793; 5512 2079
More than 160 Mexican paintings 16-19th century.



Museums in Mexico City

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