Sharjah Archeology Museum

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Address: Sharjah Archeology Museum, PO Box 5119, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 (6) 
+971 (6) 5660334
Opening Hours: Daily 0 9-13 and 17-20, Fridays 16-20, Wednesdays Ladies 16-20, Sundays closed

HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, has an overwhelming concern for science and culture and for establishing adequate edifice buildings for them. This is reflected by His Highness's guidance to set up a new building for the Sharjah Archeological Museum to be a place to preserve the rich heritage of the forefathers, an educational venue for our children and an additional cultural tributary to Sharjah, the already rich "Arab Culture Capital". 

His Highness also gave directions that archaeological exhibits be displayed in a creative style, avoiding monotony and inactivity, and on a basis that combines the traditional way of displaying with modern science and technology. So far, the new Sharjah Archaeological Museum is unique and different from all other archaeological museums in the world. 

Archeological items are classified and displayed in the Museum halls following a chronological order, starting with the earliest findings in the Emirate of Sharjah, up to the period preceding the advent of Islam. Display halls are equipped with computer systems, easy to use by the visitors to enable them benefit more information about the items on display and to provide children with interesting games related to the Museum archeological exhibits.

Moreover, there are large cinematic screens on which the visitor can watch seven movies in Arabic and English about a series of events and human activities; all in a stunning and attractive way, instigating visitors to watch the museum displays. 

The Sharjah Archeology Museum is located at the center of Sharjah Emirate and near its most prominent square, The Cultural Square. The improved and up-to-date version of the Museum is located in Halwan district, just next to the Science Museum and near the Sharjah TV station. 

Rather than the display halls, the new compound consists of a spacious building, which contains a modern conference hall and a library that houses a range of books, magazines quarterlies, specialized reports in archeology and old history. It is supplied with an up-to-date lab and equipped with all the equipment and material necessary to process and restore the archeological items. It also has a big store to preserve the original archeological findings and an administration section.
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