Sharjah Police Museum

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Address: Sharjah Police Museum, PO Box 29, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 (6) 
563 3333
+971 (6) 563 1355
Opening Hours: By appointment; closed on Thursdays & Fridays

Opened in December 1993, the Police Museum is, as you would expect, full of pistols , hand rifles, automatic weapons, batons, handcuffs and various riot and combat gear.

The first 'police uniform' of 30 years ago is displayed at the main entrance - the kandora, bandolier and sandals; the evolution of which can be seen through to today's uniform, holster and boots.

A model of the old wall and forts around Sharjah shows how the town was guarded in the early 19th century. The forts provided a good lookout over the desert and sea. Other models show two earlier police stations. An original old police car, a 1960's Austin Minimoke is also exhibited.

Other exhibits relate to communications, counterfeit money, finger printing, crime hardware, the administrative side of police work and awards received.
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