J. F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

President Kennedy : "We celebrate the past to awaken the future."

Address: Columbia Point, Boston, Massachusetts, 02125, USA
Phone: 1 877 616 4599


This is the United States' official memorial to John F. Kennedy, 35th president of USA. The museum includes library research facility with presidential paper, photographs, thousands of hours of audio recordings and millions of feet of film. Twenty-one exhibits are designed to tell the story of John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The museum was dedicated on October 20, 1979 and is administered by the National Archive and Records Administration. It was designed by the architect I. M. Pie and built with private donations of 36 million people from through out the world.
The museum consists of 21 exhibition areas. Some of these are:

1- 18-minute film covering John F. Kennedy's youth through his domination for presidency at the 1960 Democrative National Convention.
2- The Kennedy-Nixon Debate, which was broadcast on September 26, 1960.This was the first ever televised presidential debate in the history of USA.
3-Inauguration on January 20,1961, when he became the youngest person to be elected president of USA. A color film of this inauguration is presented.
4- Peace Corps: President Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961, asking American volunteers to go and live in third world countries to help them improve their standard of living.
5- Cuban Missle Crisis, which caused the closest approach ever to nuclear war. President Kennedy's own description of the event is presented.
6- The Space Program, which was initiated by J. F.  Kennedy in 1966 and resulted in landing the first man on the moon by the late 1960s.
7- The Oval office
8- The first Lady
9- Assassination

The library also houses the papers of Robert F. Kennedy and hundreds of other individual associated with Kennedy Administration. Furthermore, The Ernest Hemingway collection is also housed here.

The library offers educational of community programs. On average, more than 40,000 people annually attend these programs.
The museum has a changing exhibit program to better display the life and times of J. F Kennedy for public understanding.
Visitors are invited to shop at the museum store and eat light dishes at the cafe.


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