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The MIT Museum

MA, Cambridge

Address: Main Exhibition Center - Building N51/N52
265 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139     
Phone: (617)253-4444

Hart Nautical Gallery - Building 5
Compton Gallery - Building 10
Strobe Alley - Building 4 , 4th floor

77 Mass Ave. Phone : (617)253-5942
Hours: Thursday-Friday 10-5, Saturday-Sunday 12-5

The MIT museum offers world-renowned collections in holograph, architecture, and nautical history.

Also, photographs and artifacts illustrating the legacy of Dr. Harlod "Doe" Edgerton make an important part of the MIT museum collections.

The development of holography as a scientific tool as well as an art medium is displayed in the Main Exhibition center with the world's largest collection of holograms.

Changing exhibitions which illustrate an interaction between art and science captive viewers' imagination.

Fascinating stroboscopic effect can be produced with Doc Edgerton's "Remarkable Single Peddler Hydraulic Happening Machine" Doc Edgerton who had a long and distinguished carrier at MIT invented the high speed photography. With his invention he and his assistants were able to "freeze" fast occurring processes for scientific and artistic explorations. The falling milk drop is one of the most famous photographs made by Edgerton with his strobe light.

The museum gift shop stocks puzzles, games and technological items of interest for all ages and interest. Call (617)-253-4462 for a free copy of their catalog. No food service is available in the museum.



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