Bill Bragg


His approach on painting evolved out of the Abstract Expressionist movement that dominated the international art scene throughout the 1940s and 1950s. His inspiration was found in the work of artists such as Bacon, Goya and Durer. Bragg's ability to intrigue the viewer can be attributed to his strong sweeping strokes with the palette knife. Building thick gestured layers into impressive, yet subtle figures, Bill focuses on the manner, in which pigments are placed on the canvas. His use of color and texture create an atmosphere of romance and spiritualism.

Bill pursues methods that will allow the viewer to contemplate ideas and thoughts inspired by his work. Though his luscious paintings Bill Bragg takes care of the visual, leaving the responsibilities of the analytical to the viewer.

Bill, who resides in Kelowna, British Columbia, has been an active painter since the early 1960s. He began his artistic journey at the Ontario College of Art, where he focused on life drawing, painting and printmaking. After a successful career in the Canadian museum field, he moved to the Okanagan so that he could pursue his painting full time.

Bill Bragg's works is found in collections throughout Canada and the United States of America.


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