Bram de Bruyn


Bram was born in Indonesia on the island of Java in 1936 and had a happy childhood till the age of six. In 1942, the Japanese army invaded Indonesia and all non-natives were put in a prison camp. 

Bram spend the next four years in the Japanese prison camp together with his mother and 4 siblings. His father was send to Burma to work on the infamous railroad. (The bridge on the river Kwai was modeled after that event). Luckily everybody in the immediate family survived the camp and they all moved to the Netherlands after the war. Bram started his education there. He did very well in school and skipped several classes to make up for lost education in the Japanese prison camp. While in school, he got very high marks in art.

All his life Bram was fascinated with nature and longed to express his feelings of nature in the form of beautiful paintings in vivid colors. He made several attempts at painting, but when he was younger found that he could not support his growing family as an artist.

Upon retirement, Bram was finally able to take up his life-long ambition of expressing his feelings for nature on canvas. Mostly a self-taught artist, he can hardly wait to get up in the morning to be able to finish his rendition of an other beautiful painting of the beauty of nature surrounding him on Vancouver Island, and particularly beautiful Gold River where he lives.

Bram de Bruyn's paintings are hanging in China, Europe and all over Canada.

Bram de Bruyn is an oil painter living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He writes, "Every part of the world has fleeting moments in time that seem perfect. I try to capture these moments in beautiful British Columbia. I live in the picturesque village of Gold River on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and every day I encounter many moments in time worth preserving."

Bram's medium of choice is oil. His moments in time are usually landscapes of the surrounding rugged West Coast. He puts all his love and reverence of nature in his paintings.


Beach Sunset



Sunset on the beach, West Coast of Vancouver Island, 2002, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

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