Claude Rousseau


Claude Rousseau was born in 1939 and raised in a Manitoba mining community. The northern forest and southern prairie sowed the seeds of an ongoing love of landscape.

Working in architectural offices primarily in design and presentation, Claude lived in Europe, New Guinea, Australia and Africa before settling in Vancouver in 1973.
In 1989, he moved to Kelowna, British Columbia, where he continues to live and work today.

Working predominantly in acrylics, he returned to representational landscapes in 1996 from a period of exploration with the abstract. The transition arose from the view that a fresh path might lie hidden in tradition. The result was one of newfound gracefulness. The softness of the setting sun is captured as it plays upon the trees, with the same skill Claude Rousseau executes the side of a building or a vineyard saturated in the heat of midday sun.

It is in his new found tradition that Claude finds the ability to experience painting and life in all its beauty.


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