Francine Renaud

Canada (2008)

Francine Renaud

Francine Renaud’s work investigates the ability of imagination at creating windows that reveal in metaphors, unknown, unseen aspects of our world. In the familiar local pictorial spaces she creates graphic bits, icons, fabulous creatures gathered and created from Renaud’s multicultural surroundings, come together as a syncretism image. Her use of the marvelous expresses a deep love, respect and concern for nature. She invites the viewer to enter in these aesthetic spaces to contemplate and wonder.

Francine’s art is informed by Magic Realism, Medieval Art and Prints, Japanese Manga, Indigenous Cultures, Herge, Bill Reid, Alex Katz, Takashi Murakami, whereby she strives to formulate a vital mood for our times.

Francine Renaud is a Vancouver based mixed media artist, whose work combines traditional and digital techniques on panels. She produces limited edition archival digital prints too.

She has studied Fine Arts at L’Ecole-des-Beaux-Arts-De-Montreal and has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2002.

Francine has exhibited her works in Vancouver, Seattle, Vernon, Pender Island and Galiano Island. Her works are in private collections throughout Canada, USA, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan.

Recent exhibitions
- “Art in the Hood” at the Flower Factory
- February show at RMG Connect
- “November Show”, Insight Gallery, Galiano Island
- “Drift on Main”, Vancouver, BC
- “Out of the Rain”, Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC
- “Evolution”, Emily Carr Alumni Show, Vancouver, BC
- “Reconstruction”, Gallery Vertigo, Vernon, BC
- Group Painting exhibition, silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver, BC


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