Lorenzo Leung


Lorenzo Leung
1957, Born in Hong Kong

Canada (Vancouver 2008-9)
- Active member of Federation of Canadian Artists
- Set up my new Lorenzo’s Studio at St. Andrews Road, BP
- Teaching watercolor in Lorenzo’s Studio

China (Nanjing 2003-7)
- I was living in Nanjing (China) to study the Art of FU, Paoshi. With the help of Nanjing Museun of Art, FU’s family and other province museum in China, I had a chance to view over 400 FU’s original master pieces. (FU is considered to be one of the top ten greatest masters of Chinese Art.)
- My works were showed in some important art exhibitions run by local at associations of provincial government during this period.

Canada (Toronto 1996-2002)
- 2002, First award of ArtFest, Etobicoke, Ontario
- 2002, Cedar Ridge Gallery, Ontario (individual exhibition)
- 2002, Etobicoke Civil Centre
- 2001, Chinese Cultural Centre, Ontario (individual exhibition)
- 1997-2000, I had my individual art exhibition every year in Toronto.
- 1997-2002, I taught watercolor in Toronto.

France (Besancon 1986-7)
- Focus on my creation and visited museums and galleries around France.
- Some joined exhibitions in Paris 7 Besancon

Hong Kong (1957-1985)
- 1981, Contemporary Biannual Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
- 1980, Young Art in Asia Now Exhibition
- 1979, Contemporary Biannual Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
- 1978, Young Art in Asia Now Exhibition
- 1977, Contemporary Biannual Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
- 1975-8, Studied watercolor in a community center in Hong Kong
- 1972-4, Started to draw by self-taught


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