Margaret Devenyi


Influenced by Fauves, Symbolists and Abstract Expressionists, Margaret Devenyi has the ability to translate her emotions into a celebration of life and an affirmation of nature. Faces of huge sunflowers seem to bend and smile at the viewer with an alluring affection, while the crimson poppies carry on a dance of joy and frivolity in the summer sun.

Her lavender fields mesmerize as the never-ending purple haze consumes the canvas. The structure, color and spatial illusions express harmonious relationships of feeling and vitality. Margaret's intimacy with the Provencal landscape transports the viewer on a journey into the spectacular pleasures of the region.

Margaret Devenyi was born and raised in Hungary. She received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Budapest. After her emigration to Canada in 1957, she began to study art through various studio courses in Victoria, British Columbia.

Since 1989, Margaret has divided her time between Canada and her home in the south of France; she has exhibited her works in both countries.

Her work is represented in collections throughout Canada, USA and France.


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