Miriam Freitag


The underlying concern for Miriam relates to the fundamental mysteries of life and existence and how all things ultimately come down to the most basic questions. By applying paint little by little a dialog of objects is created for the viewer to weave a story.

The objects in this story create a sense of mystery and emphasize meditation and reflection. A barstool waiting for a customer, the faint appearance of a handwritten letter, faintly sketched tulips resting gently in a jar, or coffee cups that remain after the intimate conversations have passed.

Through this dialog our minds are unlocked, giving way to wonderful thoughts and dreams of what was, what is and what could be. Color is applied in a variety of ways to create a rich varied surface. For Miriam, texture is not only on the surface of the canvas, it is also inherent to the subject she paints.

Miriam Freitag has studied graphic design, printmaking, painting and drawing since 1976, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal in 1998.

Her work has been predominantly featured in exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec and Mexico City. Her works are in numerous collections throughout Canada and Mexico.


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