Riyadh Hashim


Riyadh Hashim believes his works are like relationships that grow and develop in new directions with the passing of each day. A work begins as an idea, which grows and flourishes by its own need to be nourished. He will often paint more than one piece at time, allowing resonance and change to take place within each work. The dialogue and discovery of the truth that is generated sows the seeds for the image.

This spontaneity and insight results in colorful, energetic abstract works. They combine an array of geometrical forms with a hint of human presence. He uses simple lines to trace shapes and portions of the human body among washes of color in various forms, sizes and colors.

Riyadh has been actively engaged in professional arts since 1993. In 1992, he graduated with BA specializing in painting, and is also a founding member in the Animatic Art Movement.

His works could be found in Canadian, American and other international private collections.


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