Vern Simpson


Vern Simpson's expressionistic style and his subject matter have found broad appeal. His palette is warm and inviting, interjected with cool bursts of color. He places serious consideration on the form, shape and totality of nature.

His paintings reflect a world away from urban decay, commuting, boardroom decisions, and a managed environment - to a world no less complex, but with more time to reflect. His interpretation of his surroundings deviates from reality, becoming more of a comment on the emotions derived from beauty rather than a photographic replication.

Working on South Pender Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands, Vern's distinctive Pacific Northwest painting includes mountain and dry land material reflecting his childhood and teenage years in the sagebrush country. He studied education at the University of Victoria and studied painting at the University of British Columbia. He went on to receive his MFA at the Instituto Allende in Gaunajato, Mexico.

His large color driven landscapes can be found in many corporate and private collections from coast to coast in the United States and Canada.


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