Wayne Leidenfrost


Wayne Leidenfrost's impressionistic style brings the canvas alive with color and movement. Large open fields, abundant with a variety of flowers and soft white clouds dotting a blue sky, capture the essence of bright sunny days. His intimate pond scenes depicting a soft movement in the water and the tranquility of water lilies are especially reminiscent of Monet's work.

A photojournalist by trade, he is used to working in a rectangular black and white format. Painting allows him to add bright, vibrant colors to his work. Ironically his quick energetic brushstrokes create a very peaceful image.

Wayne was only twelve, when he began to paint and he immediately felt the exhilaration of painting and creativity. Though he does not understand the creative process, he has always found it both fascinating and mysterious, and is thankful for its presence.

Wayne Leidenfrost has exhibited his work since 1986 at various galleries in British Columbia and the United States. His works can be found in various private collections both in Canada and USA.


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