Lang Chengwen

Lang Chengwen (Ah Wen)
Born in Rui'an, Zhejiang Province, China
Member of Chinese Artists Association
Assistant Director of Zhejiang Association of Landscape Paintings
Professional artist of Hangzhou Painting Academy, Zhejiang Painting Academy & Xi Lin Calligraphy and Painting Academy
1982 "Tung Flower in the Spring Rain South of the Yangtze River" and "Recollections of Caowan" selected for Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Paintings Exhibition held in Beijing
1983: "Tung Flower in the Spring Rain South of the Yangtze River" published in the album "Landscape Paintings by Young and Middle Age Chinese Artists"
1985: "Sunset in West Lake" published in "Anthology of Landscape Paintings from Zhejiang"
"Cicadas Chirp in the Grove" joined the "Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Paintings" in Japan
1987: Individual art exhibition held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang
"A Spirit of the Mountain" selected for exhibition in Germany
"The Happiness of Fisherman's Home" joined the "Exhibition of Hangzhou Painting Academy" in Hong Kong
1988: "Accident Continent" won the award of "Fine Work" in the National Zhonghua Cup Traditional Chinese Paintings Contest
1989: "Soft Wine" selected for the 7th National Art Exhibition
1990: "The Great Road Leads to Heaven" won the awrad of "Excellent Work" in the Traditional Chinese Paintings Invitational Contest, held in Zhuhai
1992: Participated in the "Exhibition of Calligraphy & Paintings by Famous Chinese Masters of the South of the Yangtze River", held in Singapore
"Sitting in Meditation" collected by New Jersey Museum, USA
Art Treasury of Contemporary Chinese Artists: "Album of Ah Wen's Paintings" published
1993: "Complex of the Road" selected for the First National Exhibition of Landscape Paintings
"Golden Leaves in Autumn" selected for the First National Art Exhibition
Individual art exhibition, held in Guangzhou
1994: Individual art exhibition held in Hong Kong
"Paintings of Women at Leisure" album by Ah Wen was published.
1995: Monograph "A Study on New Technique of Traditional Chinese Painting" was published
Participated in "China Art Expo" in Beijing
Group exhibition in Hong Kong
1996: Works published in the Album "Twenty Distinguished Artists in Zhejiang"
Individual exhibition
"Carefree Journey" held in Hong Kong
"Lang Chengwen - Carefree Journey" album was published
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