Painter & Photographer

Ehsan Farid Afshar

Iran (Isfahan)
Ehsan Farid Afshar
Born in Tehran 1979
Diploma in Art, Soreh University, Tehran, 1977
Photography, Azad University

Ehsan is teaching art at school and high schools.
He’s painting since 13’s, and he’s written and directed short films in high school.
Ehsan Farid Afshar has written two books: “Night Talks” in 1997 and “My Half-Lost” in 1998
Art designer of “Fajr Theatre Festival”, Tehran
He’s cooperated with “Verve Fashion” in July 2007 for the issue 6, vol 14.
Designer of the book “Fashion of the Soul”, published in India, 2006
Art Director of OLIO Comp, Pune, India
Manager of Aghili Gallery, Tehran 2008-10
Teaching Photography, Mehrpouyan Foundation, 2008-10

- Painting Exhibition, Sadr Gallery, Tehran
- Painting Exhibition, Afrand Gallery, Tehran (2 exhibitions)
- Painting Exhibition, Tehran Azad Gallery, Tehran
- Painting Exhibition, Atbin Gallery, Tehran
- Painting Exhibition, San Francisco, USA, 2002
- Painting Exhibition, India Art Gallery, Pune, India, 2004
- Painting Exhibition, Malaka Spice Gallery, Pune, India, 2004
- Painting Exhibition, Radraksh Gallery, Pune, India, 2005
- Painting Exhibition, Inox Gallery, Pune, India, 2005
- Painting Exhibition, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Mumbai, India, 2006
- Painting Exhibition, Prague, 2006
- Painting Exhibition, Iran Art Organization, September 2007, Tehran
- Group Photography Exhibition, Esteghlal Hotel, Tehran, 2008
- Co-Photography exhibition (with Mahdi Razavi), “Human”, Fravahr Gallery, Tehran, September 2010

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