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Keivan Pour Nasri Nejad

Iran, Guilan, Rasht
Keivan (Mahmoud) Pour Nasri Nejad
Born in 1970, Tehran
Bachelor of Art, University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts (Major: Sculpture), 1997
Active in sculpture, painting, photography, graphic, interior design, music

Work Experience
Art consultant of Rasht Municipality, 1998-2004
Art consultant of Rasht City Council, 2000-present
Art consultant of Urban Planning Center, Rasht, 2000-2004
Teaching sculpture at the University, 2004-present 

The first professional festival of visual art of Iran university students, University of fine arts, Tehran, 1998: First price
The second biennial of Iranian contemporary sculptors, Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, 1999: Special price

The Fourth Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Painters, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran , 1998
The first professional festival of visual art of Iran university students, University of Fine Arts, Tehran, 1998
The Second Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Sculptors, Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, 1999
The group exhibition of the “Center of Fine Arts, Baroque gallery”, Rasht, 2000
The group exhibition of “Kaj gallery”, Rasht, 2001

Member of Association of Iran Sculptors
Member of Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts
Member of Center of Visual Arts, Iran
Member of Canadian Association for Photographic Art, Canada

Music knowledge (Guitar: Classic and Flamenco)
Self-learning, 1986-1993
Group concert, Rasht, 1993
Multiple group concerts & guitarist in theater, 1995-present
Tutor in Flamenco style, Tehran & Rasht, 1997-present
Guitarist of the movie “Autumn Street”, director: Khosro Sinaei, 2000
Writer of the Sup-opra music “Stories of Four Seasons”, director: Rouzbeh Masoumi, 2000


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