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Noushin Nafisi

Iran (Isfahan)
I was born on June 5, 1959 in the beautiful city of Isfahan, Iran, in a family with ten children. I was the youngest daughter. My father was a physician and a university professor. My first serious encounter with painting began in 1986 and continued till 1991, when I began to take painting lessons from artists, such as Yaghoub Amameh Pich and Rouin Pakbaz.
I have devoted my life to art. Now, I am working professionally as an artist and art teacher, giving lessons to children and young adults. Along with my works with children, I have also illustrated some books: 3 published children books and 6 books for adults. I am an active member of Association of Painters in Isfahan.

Individual Exhibitions
May 1994, Atash (Fire), Sabz Gallery, Tehran, Iran
June 1994, Atash (Fire), Novin Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
October 1996, Prison, Wound and Miniatures, Los Angeles, California
December 1997, Mesopotamian Mythology, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
April 1998, Seeds, Spices and Bones, Classic Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
November 2001, Sees, Spices and Bones, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Autumn 2003, Love, Museum of Arts in Isfahan

Group Exhibitions
Winter 1993, Keyhan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
November 1998, Nasr Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
April 1999, First exhibition of “Creativity of Teachers and Children”, Isfahan, Iran. Third Prize winner
November 1999, Exhibition in China
September 2000, Veiling and Unveiling, Exhibition in Los Angeles
Winter 2000, Dialogue Between the Civilizations, Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Second Prize winner
Autumn 2002, Conceptual Arts: Bandages, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran
August 2002, Women’s Day, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Isfahan
September 2002, Second Exhibition of Artists Association of Isfahan, Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Iran
March 2003, Gaze of Light: Iranian Women Artists, Italy
May 2003, Group exhibition with Group “Dena” in Helsinki, Finland
November 2003, Together with 10 other artists from Isfahan, Saba Cultural Foundation, Tehran
December 2003, Third Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of Isfahan, Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Jury’s selected Prize
July 2004, Paintings of artists of Isfahan, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran


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