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Shirin Madani

Iranian Painter & Photographer

Shirin Madani
Born in July 17, 1971, Tehran ,Iran
Bachelor in Psychology & Painting

2004 to present, Photoshop, digital painting and digital photography, Private: Saeed toofani-Asl, Engineer
2003-2004, Tapestry, Private: Neda Darzi, Artist
2001-2002, Psychology, University of Allame Tabatabai
1994-2001, Private courses, Gallery of Kamrani: Prof. Behnam Kamrani metaphysics paintings
1994-1998, BA, University of Tehran, Faculty of Art-Soureh Major: Painting; Thesis: Surrealism
1994-1997, Private courses Gallery of Nahavandi: Prof. Masoud Nahavandi, Drawing & Painting in Surrealism
1991-1993, Professional courses, University of Arts-Rassam & Photography Design, Painting
1990-1991, Internship, Handicraft organization, Design & Handicrafts
1986-1990, Azadegan High School Diploma, Major: Graphics

Work Experiences
1998-present, Private tutor, Tutor in drawing, design & painting, Tehran
1995-2001, University of Tehran, Faculty of arts, Honored faculty member (graphics, painting & history of arts), Tehran
1997-1998, Interior design
1994-1997, Factory of “Plan” Samovar, Graphic Designer, Tehran
1993-1995, University of Arts-Rassam, Honored faculty member (painting & drawing), Tehran
1991-1994, Kartus Publisher, Design of greeting cards and film preparation with silk-screen, Tehran

*Painting, graphics and handicraft exhibition “ Blue flight”; Iran-Rafsanjan, 2000: honorable board of “revolution of culture”
*Painting exhibition “ Manifestation of feelings”, Niavaran Culture House; Iran-Tehran, 1998: board of honor, published in the book “manifestation of feelings”, female artists
*Painting competition and exhibition “Waiting For”, Bahman’s Culture House; Iran-Tehran, 1996: third position and board of honor
*Painting exhibition “ Basij’s week”, Tehran Marty’s House; Iran-Tehran, 1996: second position, board of honor
*Tehran exhibition of Youth Group Paintings, Drawings and Graphics (attended in all 3 fields), Soureh’s Art House; Iran-Tehran, 1996: Board of honor
*Drawing exhibition of the students, Tehran University, Faculty of fine arts; Iran-Tehran, 1995: fifth position and appreciation letter 
*Competition in Painting "Me and Nature"; Turkey, 1993: Second position
*Competition in Graphics and Painting; Japan, 1986: First position, Board of Honor

2006, Group photography exhibition, "Green", Mehrva Gallery, Tehran
, “Group photography exhibition”, Gallery of Bamdad, Iran-Tehran
Nov. 2003, “Group painting exhibition”, Gallery of Seyhoun, Iran-Tehran
2001, Private painting exhibition “Sabz gallery”, Tehran-Iran
2000, Painting, graphics and handicraft exhibition “ Blue flight”, Iran-Rafsanjan
1998, Painting exhibition “ Manifestation of the feelings”, Niavaran Culture House, Iran-Tehran
1997, International exhibition of art festival “Imaginative work”, China
1997, Photography competition and exhibition for preserving of cultural heritages, held by UNESCO, Iran-Tehran
1997, Private painting exhibition “Experience of four years”, Gallery of Laleh Afarinesh, Iran-Tehran
1997, Exhibition of import paintings, Tehran’s international fair, Iran-Tehran
1996, Painting exhibition of university students, Soureh Art Workshop, Iran-Tehran
1995, Exhibition of traditional works, Sad-Abad Cultural Heritage Museum, Iran-Tehran
1995, Painting exhibition “woman’s week”, Romania-Bucharest
1995, An experience in retrieving Iranian design, Soureh Art Workshop, Iran-Tehran: 1995
1994, The first exhibition of imaginative work of university students, Soureh celebration, Iran-Tehran
1994, The first exhibition of youth Graphic works, Iran-Tehran and Isfahan
1990, Painting exhibition "Woman in East Asia"; Italy


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