Book Cover

Poster of film "Rook"

Painter/Graphic Designer/Movie

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Ali Akbar Sadeqi's: Book Illustration
1970 Hero of Heros (Persian and Japanese)
1972 Abdolrazzaq, the Hero
1973 Gordafarid
1974 Contemplation is the Best Worship
1974 Bronzesmith
1974 Rain, Sun, and the Story of Tiles
1975 Be the Child of Your Times
1975 Let Us Play Chess
1976 Prophet's Mother
1976 Voyages of Sindbad, the Sailor
1977 They are Alive
1977 Shine, Lady Sun!
1977 Let Us Live Together
1977 A Visit to the Province of Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari
1978 Keep Your Spirit Ablaze

The chapter entitled "Chaharshanbeh Souri", an Iranian Traditional Ceremony in Asian Games (Published in English in Japan)
Film posters of "Rook", "Boasting" and "Malek Khorshid"

Grand Prix, Noma Concours, for Children's Picture Book Illustration for "Contemplation is the Best Worship", "Hero of Heroes" and "Voyages of Sindbad, the Sailor"
Grand Prix, Best Designed Books from All Over the World, Leipzig, , for "Contemplation is the Best Worship"
1985 Grand Prix, First Biennale of Iran Graphic Design Exhibition for Book Illustration
1989 Honorable Mention, Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, for "Victory"


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