Painter/Miniaturist/One of the founders of Graphics Art in Iran

Mohammad Bahrami


Mohammad Bahrami
Born in 1926

He learned painting in school period, completed it in Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University and in New York Photography Institute.

In 1943, when he was 17, he was a painter and also the director of Graphic arts in "Etela'at" Newspaper, Tehran.

He established his first atelier in Lalehzar Avenue, Tehran; later, he established Pars Graphic Art Organization and Gothenburg Graphic Art and Publication Institute.

He had painted 11 paintings for "Shahnameh" (Amir Kabir); to his efforts, in 1972, Tehran 
University, in Tehran and UN in New York had held meetings in memory of him.

He had an exhibition in March 2000, in UAE.

A meeting, in memory of Mohammad Bahrami, besides his painting exhibition was held in April 2001, Tehran, in which Iranian Artist, as Aidin Aqdashlou (Painter), had lectures on his art and his life.


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