Photo: Masoud

Majid Fadaeian

Iranian Painter
Expertise: Traditional Persian Art
2001- 2, Special adviser & controlling on reprint Quran in Litho Kocher Pub, Koln, Germany
2000 Researching & review on manuscript, Sana, Yemen
2003 Researching & review on manuscript, Herat, Afghanistan
- Islamic Calligraphy, Katibeh & Siah Mashq
Islamic Persian painting, illumination, lacquer, Bird & Flower
Expert in Lacquer painting, Dafineh Museum, Tehran
Preserving and restoring central documents of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Preservation and restoration Islamic antique books & works
3rd protector of manuscript in Library & Documentation center of IR Iran Consultative Assembly
Best in the category of lacquer painting & preserving
Activities & Exhibitions
1991- 6, Instructor of Islamic/Persian Painting, Center of Scientific Documents, Tehran
1996 Individual watercolor painting exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran
1995 Article on "Persian Lacquer Painting", University Publishing Center, Tehran
1997 Art Expo, Beijing, China
1998 Speech on "Katibeh Art", Calligraphy Festival, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
2001 Islamic Ceramic Individual Exhibition, Kreishaus Gallery, Koln, Germany
Painting Group Exhibition, Total Art, Dubai
Ceramic Group Exhibition, Mirage Gallery, Dubai
Painting Group Exhibition, Mojaveri Gallery, Koln, Germany
2002 Painting Group Exhibition, Ziba Gallery, Canada
Painting Group Exhibition, Asar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1999 "Katibeh in Calligraphy" article, University Publishing Center, Tehran
2001 "Katibeh Art", Splendor of Iran, London




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