Manouchehr Yektai

Iranian Painter

Manouchehr Yektai
Born in Tehran, 1922

Yektai drops out of Tehran University, Fine Arts Faculty, without obtaining degree. He continues  his art education in Beaux Arts, Paris, under the supervision of Osanfant, and later in USA.

Individual Exhibitions
Burgenicht Gallery, New York
Some galleries & museums at Washington DC, Chicago & Baltimore
31 exhibitions at Popen Dexter Gallery
Zand Gallery, Tehran
Some galleries at London, Paris, Cannes, Zurich & Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
New York School, Stable Gallery, New York
One painting & two drawings were included in a traveling art show by New York Museum of Modern Art
31 exhibitions at Popen Dexter Gallery
Alex Rosenberg Gallery, New York

Manouchehr has published a number of long poems in Persian:
Falgoush (Eavesdropping)
Karnameyeh Simorq (Record of Phoenix)
Hanzal (Calocynth)
Khouyeh Kaqazeh Sefid (The Temperament of White Paper)
Ancheh Keh Manam: Kaj, Narahat, Shahed: (What I am: A Slanted, Restless, Eyewitness)

He has many works in American & European collections and museums, especially in the Modern Art Museum of New York and in the Gloria Vandenberg Museum of New York.





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