Maryam Shirinlou


Maryam Shirinlou

Iranian Painter and Calligrapher

Maryam Shirinlou
Born in Nov. 1966, Tehran, Iran
Member of "Dena Painting Group"

She lived in Iran until the age of 12 and went to high school and college in USA, and obtained her BA in Art 2-D (graphic design & painting/drawing) in 1990 from California State University Northridge.
She, also, studied yoga and meditation extensively and worked as a yoga instructor for many years.
Artistic vision and creativity led to the world of mysticism, and eventually spiritual philosophy enriched and influenced her art works.

Maryam’s technique of work is essentially mixed media collage using paper and glue and also other materials. She has 2 styles of work. She usually uses the same technique of collage in both styles:
Figurative collages, usually expressionist
Calligraphic collages, inspired by Persian and Arabic writing and mystical poetry and also sometimes cuneiform writing

Individual Exhibitions
Mansoureh Hosseini Gallery, figurative, Fall 1994, Tehran
Private Residence, figurative, Spring 1996, Tehran
Golestan Gallery, calligraphic, Winter 2000, Tehran
TarhoRang Gallery, calligraphic, Winter 2001, Tehran

Group Exhibitions
Nezami Building, figurative, Winter 1994, Tehran
Golestan Gallery, calligraphic, Summer 1998, Tehran
TarhoRang Gallery, calligraphic, Fall 2001, Tehran
Ejlas Building, calligraphic, Fall 2001, Tehran
10 Iranian Women Painters, 2001, Brussels





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