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Mostafa Dashti


Mostafa Dashti was born in Khash, Baluchistan province, in 1960. He has devoted many years to exploring the communication on canvas.
He has studied painting and calligraphy under the tuition of Aydin Aghadashlou, the late Seyed Ahmad Abtahi and Abdollah Foradi.

His early work depicted powerful desert scenes. This relationship with landscapes, whether natural or human created, has continued over the years and is still apparent in most of his work today.
In recent years he has used a more abstract mode of communication and some of his work have indeed been abstract compositions. He has also preferred the use of darker colors.

Mostafa Dashti has been dedicated to the communication through painting since 1984. His deeply thought and emotion provoking work has appeared in exhibitions and displays throughout Tehran.
Mostafa Dashti has always been the eulogist of the great painters of the world.

Individual Exhibitions
Artists Gallery, Tehran, January 2003
Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, July 1999
Mansoureh Hosseini Gallery,Tehran, November 1996
Hakim Nezami Gallery, Tehran, 1993
Classic Gallery, Isfahan, 1993
Classic Gallery, Isfahan, 1991
Mansoureh Hosseini Gallery,Tehran, November 1991
Azad Gallery, Tehran, 1990
Mehr Gallery, Tehran, 1989
Pafar gallery, Tehran, 1989
Seyhoun Gallery ,Tehran, August 1988

Group Exhibitions
Watercolor Painters of Iran, Contemporary Arts Museum
International Exhibition of Export Development
First Tehran's Biennale Exhibition.
International Exhibition for Succoring the Bosnian Children and Women
Collective Exhibition for Succoring to the Publication of Children's Dictionary, Classic Gallery, Tehran
The Horses of Turkmen's Plains; Two Artists Exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran
Khaneh-Kolangi's 71 project, Pasdaran St.
A number of collective exhibitions in "Afrand" and "Golestan" Galleries



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