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Painting / Sculpture

Said Shahla-pour

Iranian Painter & Sculptor

Said Shahla-pour
Born 1944, Tehran 
Graduated from College of Fine Arts (Sculpture)
Professor of Sculpture of College of the Decorative Arts (1979-1980), Tehran
Professor of History of Art at School of Fine Arts, (1971-1973, 1978-1980)

Individual Exhibitions
Ghandriz Gallery, 1967,Tehran
Pafar Gallery, 1989, Tehran
Iran Art Gallery, 1990, Tehran
Personal Workshop (Sculpture), spring 1992, Tehran 
Personal Workshop (Sculpture), winter 1992, Tehran
Aria Gallery, 1993 (Sculpture & Painting)
Tehran Personal Workshop (Sculpture & Painting), winter 1995 
Tehran Aria Gallery (Sculpture & Painting), 1996, Tehran

Group Exhibitions
Tehran Biennale (painting), 1964 
Participate in six group exhibitions in Ghandriz gallery (painting & sculpture), 1967 to 1975
Mehrshah Gallery, 1976
Novin Gallery (Painting), 1993, Isfahan
Haftsamar Gallery, (Painting), 1994
Tehran Group Exhibition at Cultural Section of French Embassy, 1996, Tehran
Pol Exhibition, (Painting), 1997 Isfahan
Khaneh Iran Gallery, (painting), 1997
Paris Biennale, (painting) 1997
Exhibitions of six sculptors, Aria gallery, March 1997
Tehran Manifestation of Portrait Painting, exhibited in Aria Gallery, Nov. 1998





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