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Samila AmirEbrahimi

Iranian Painter

Samila AmirEbrahimi
Born in Tehran, Iran, 1950
BA in Political Science, Faculty of Law, Tehran University, 1972
Etching and Printmaking: Advanced School of Designing For Art And Industry Paris, France, 1973
BFA in General Fine Arts: California College of Arts And Crafts, Oakland, USA, 1978


1979, Printmaking (chalcography & xylography): Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
1980, Drawing (fundamentals and techniques): Faculty Of Decorative Arts
1988, Drawing (fundamentals and techniques): Faculty Of Arts, Azad University
1989, Printmaking (chalcography & xylography): Art Faculty, Azad University
1991, Drawing (fundamentals and techniques): Art University
1979–2004, Teaching drawing and painting in private classes

Translation and Writing

1973-2004, More than 35 articles on art & artists published in several journals

Individual Exhibitions

1971, Khaneh Aftab: oil Painting
1973, Talar Ghandriz: “Portraits” (drawing, gouache, printmaking)
1974, Sullivan Gallery: oil painting
1975, Talar Naghsh: oil Painting
1985, Private exhibition: oil painting, watercolor, printmaking
1986, Private exhibition: oil painting, watercolor, printmaking
1988, Private exhibition: oil painting, watercolor, printmaking
1989, Golestan Gallery: “Standing die the trees” (soft pastels, printmaking)
1990, Sabz Gallery: “Labor and life” (oil painting, mixed media)
1991, Sepehri Gallery: “Still Life and interior” (oil painting)
1992, Sabz Gallery: “Portraits and Masks” (oil painting, acrylic, papier-mâché on canvas) 
1992, Isfahan Classic Gallery: oil painting, pastels, and printmaking
1993, Sabz Gallery: “A retrospective of printmaking 1973-1993”(110 lithography, chalcography & xylography) 
1993, Afrand Gallery: wooden sculptures
1994, Bamdad Gallery: watercolors
1994, Aria Gallery: “The Waste Land”, oil painting and mixed media, 
1994, Iran House of Culture (Koln, Germany): painting and printmaking
1996, Aria Gallery: “City at night”, oil painting 
1997, Aria Gallery: “Nature and City”, oil painting, 
1997, Private exhibition: oil painting, watercolor, pastel
1998, Aria Gallery: “ Nights and Shadows” (oil and acrylic painting)
2000, Aria Gallery: “To the Poet” (photo – painting collage)
2001, Aria Gallery: “The Maze” (Photo – painting collage)
2002, Private exhibition: “ A retrospective of 35 years of painting, printmaking & sculpture 1967-2002”

Some of the 30 Group Exhibitions in Iran & USA (1971- 2002)

1979, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts: Painting Exhibition
1997, Barg Gallery: Drawing Exhibition
1997, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts: The Fourth Biennial of Painting 
1999, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts: First Tehran International Contemporary Drawing Exhibition
1999, Aria Gallery: Printmaking Exhibition
2000, International Art Expo, New York: Painting Exhibition
2000, Atrium Gallery, Washington: “The Silent Brush” , Painting Exhibition
2002, Don Melveny Gallery, Los Angeles :“Out of the Mist” , Painting Exhibition
2003, AMAC, Chamaliere, France: The Sixth International Triennial of Printmaking (small format)


Strange Flower, Oil on Canvas, 60x120 cm, 1996

Wrestlers, Oil on Canvas, 60x190 cm, 1998

Cat, Pastel, 40x50 cm, 1997

Iranian Contemporary Painters

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