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Shahla Etemadi


Shahla Etemadi
Born in 1955 Tehran, Iran 
BA in Interior Design , Al-Zahra University, 1978

Group Exhibitions
Participation in more than 50 exhibitions since 1989 including some of the following:
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art:
1990: Exhibition to support the victim or Northern Iran earthquake
1991: Exhibition of portraits (painting)
1993: 2nd Biennial of paintings
1995: 1st Triennial of sculptures
1997: 4th Biennial of paintings
1999: Contemporary Iranian Artists (A new look at the nature)
2000: 5th Biennial of paintings
Niavaran Cultural Center:
1994: 1st Iranian Women's Painting (Manifestation of feelings) 
1995: 2nd Iranian Women's painting (Manifestation of feelings) 
1996: 3rd Iranian Women's painting (Manifestation of feelings)
1999: 5th Iranian Women's painting (Manifestation of feelings)
Bahman Cultural Center, 1995: Photography & painting Exhibition
Niavaran Palace Museum, 1995: Photography Exhibition 
Society of Iranian paintings:
2001: Painting Exhibition 
2003: Photography Exhibition 
2004: Exhibition to support the victim of Bam earthquake
Barg Gallery: 
2002: Drawing Exhibition 
2003: Drawing Exhibition 
Laleh Gallery, 2003: Photography Exhibition
Aban Gallery, 2004: Video Art 
Don O'Melveny Gallery California, USA, 2002: "OUT OF THE MIST" A PANORAMA OF IRANIAN PAINTINGS
The National Arts Club, New York, USA, 2003: "ECHOES IN BLUE" A selection of Iranian paintings
Willims Tower Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA, 2003: "ECHOES IN BLUE" Contemporary Iranian Paintings 
AL BIDDA GALLERY, Doha, Qatar, 2003: painting Exhibition (The National Council for Culture, Arts & Heritage)

Individual Exhibitions
1993: Barg Gallery (Painting)
1996: Golestan Gallery (Painting)
2001: Golestan Gallery (photography & Video)



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