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Painter & Photographer

Faegheh Behboudi

Faegheh Behboudi
Born in January 5, 1971, Tehran
BA in Painting

Member of The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
Member of “Caroun Photo Club” (CPC)
Member of “Caroun Paint Club” (CPaC)

1992-1994: basic lessons of painting under supervision and instruction of Mr. Ali Framarzi
1993: entering university, painting major
1996-2000: watercolor courses with Mrs. Nasrin Rezaei
1997: presenting my BA project in the field of textures, titled "Usage of Texture in Grand's Contemporary Painting" under supervision of Mr. Behnam Kamrani and Mr. Hossein Khosrojerdi

Teaching painting at primary School for one year and arranging private painting classes for children
Due to my own interests, I focused on graphite pencil portraits and figures and also water color as main tools.

Exhibitions and Cultural–Artistic Gatherings
-The first visual arts exhibition of university students, Soureh Festival, Farhang Saraye Amir Kabir, 1993
- An experience in retrieving Iranian images, Soureh Artistic Workshop, 1995
- Traditional Arts Exhibition Sad-abad Museum, 1995
- University Student's Exhibition, Soureh Workshop, 1995
- The Exhibition of Manifestation of Feeling for the Honor of Women's Week, Farhang Saraye Niavaran (Letter of Commendation), 1995
- The Presentational Exhibition, entitled "Awaiting", Farhang Saraye Bahman, 1995
- The Presentational Exhibition, entitled "Khoram-shahr Epic", May 1996 (Letter of Commendation)
- Nonverbal Exhibition, entitled "Women Group of Shames", Barg Gallery, 1996
- Painting Exhibition, Laleh Afarinesh Gallery, 1997
- Painting Exhibition, (private) entitled "four years experience" – Feb. 1997.
- Watercolor group Exhibition, (group), Vali Gallery. Jan. 1998
- Watercolor group Exhibition, (group), Vali Gallery, Jan. 1999
- Watercolor Individual Exhibition, March 1999



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