Mahdi Razavi


Mahdi Razavi
Member of Iranian Photography Association
Member of Iranian Youth Cinema

He had photographic workshops in Iran.
He was presented in Bordeaux Festivals, France, as a guest of honor in order to coordinate a photography exhibition.

- Gold Medal of Excellence, 19th Australian TrierenBerg Festival 2010
- FIAP Gold Medal
- FIAP Gold Medal, Italian Photographic Federation
- First Position of FIAP Gold Medal, Light & Shadow, Ukraine, 2009
- Gold Medal, 70th Asahi Shimbun Festival, Japan, 2009
- Winner of the “Show of Merit”, 30th Northern Counties Festival, England, 2009
- Honor Mention, 4oth Slovakia FotoForum Festival, 2009
- FIAP Blue Ribbon, 147th Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 2009

Also, selected by referees in international champions and festivals:
- Light & Shadow, Ukraine, 2009
- Bristol Festival, England
- FotoForum Festival, Slovakia, 2009
- Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 2009
- Photographic Art Program, Vietnam
- NorthWest Festival, USA
- Northern Counties Festival, England, 2009
- Photographic Art Festival, China
- Asahi Shimbun Festival, Japan, 2009
- “Between the Sky and the Earth” Festival, Slovenia
- Francesco Forno, Italy
- Child Program, Poland
- Golden Spurs Festival, Austria
- Vigex Festival, Australia
- Meshed National Photography Festival (two levels), Iran

He’s participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Iran and abroad, the lasts are:
- Co-Photography exhibition (with Ehsan Farid Afshar), “Human”, Fravahr Gallery, Tehran, September 2010
- 13th Francesco Forno Festival 2010



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