Nina Kheirolahi


Nina Kheirolahi
Born on Wednesday, July 29, 1987 in Ajvaz
Member of Caroun Photo Club (CPC)
Member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)

In the eventide of a warm and stormy day, I was born in Ahvaz, a city in Southwest of Iran. I grew up in an educated family in Ahvaz for five years. Then, I left for Isfahan and I started my primary school.

Since then, I was interested in art; my parents encouraged me a lot to take a step to the music world. I began dulcimer under the supervision of a great musician, Mr. Deyhim Nia.

After graduating the junior high school, I began to study designing and painting in Farzanegan Art School, as well as photography, and graduated in 2006. My friends and I had several group photography and painting exhibitions.




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