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Talat Saberi


Talat Saberi
Born in 1959, Isfahan
Self-educated photographer
Learnt Painting in Art University of Isfahan and University of Tehran and other private institutes

Member of Caroun Photo Club (CPC)
Member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)

Individual Exhibitions
Painting Exhibition, Kosar Gallery, Isfahan, 1996
Painting Exhibition, Tehran Int. Fair, 1999
Painting Exhibition, Shis Gallery, Tehran, 1999
Painting Exhibition, Sarv Cultural Center, Tehran, 1999
Painting Exhibition, Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, 2001

Group Exhibitions
All group exhibitions in Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, 1996-2005

Work Experience
Teaching painting for 10 years
Librarian and Guide in Contemporary Arts Museum of Isfahan since 2000

I’ve started photography since 2001. I’m interested in Nature, Architecture, and especially in Desert photography. I’ve taken part in two group photo exhibitions “Beauties & Un-beauties”, which is held by in each March in Isfahan; and, I’m going for an individual exhibition “Deserts of Iran” in 2007.






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