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Farhad Fakhrian

Iranian Photographer

Farhad Fakhrian
Born in 1962, Abadan
BA in Photography, Art University, 1989
MA in Photography, Art University, 1998 (First Grade)
Teaching Photography in the universities of Art, Azad, Tehran, Azad Tabriz & Imam Khomeini Qazvin
Member of the board of the Photography Department, Architecture & Art Faculty, Azad University, since 1998
Member of the board of the Photography & Graphics Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, since 2004
Advertising & Industrial Photographer, since 1985
Collaborating in the group exhibitions of Contemporary Arts Museum & Annuals of Iran Photographers' House, since 1990
Individual exhibition "Tree", Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, 2001
Photography articles, critics and translations in art & photography magazines since, 1996
Member of the jury of photography competitions, since 1988




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