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Mahgameh Parvaneh

Iranian Photographer
Mahgameh Parvaneh 
Born in 1972, Tehran, Iran.
BA in Photography, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Photographer for theater, movies
Assistant of director and head of photography's part in channel 2 of TV
Photographer for channel 3 of TV
Photojournalist and Journalist for Iran Newspaper, Akhbar Eghtesad Newspaper, Mehr weekly magazine, Jame' Newspaper, Zan Newspaper, Golestan Magazine, Azad Newspaper, Melat Newspaper and Chel-cheragh Magazine

Photographic Projects
Children and Game
Children and Poverty 
Unusual Forms in Ancient Monuments 
Iranian Women's Prison
Dresses of Young Girls in Tehran (prostitutes) 
Bam Earthquake

1998, Group Photo Exhibition With Old age themes, Photographers' House, Tehran
2000, Group exhibition Artists' House, Tehran
2000, Group Photo Exhibition «Iran photojournalism», Tehran
2002, Group Photo Exhibition, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran
2002, «Bazaar Photos», Silk Road Gallery, Tehran
2002, Group exhibition Center of non governmental Exhibitions, Teheran
2003, Group exhibition Art Cultural Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2003, Group exhibition, Aks Khane Shahr, Tehran 
2003, Group Photo Exhibition, photography Museum, Tehran
2003, February, Group Photo Exhibition, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, UFR 
2003, March, Group Photo Exhibition, Mairie d’Evry Iranian Women Festival 
2003, May, Group Photo Exhibition, Université Marc Bloch Strasbourg, UFR Arts
2004, Exposition a Dubai, Ibis Hotel, "Vis-a Vis"
2004, FNAC, Paris
2004, Glance at Iranian Women", Hotel de Ville, Brussels
2004, European Parliament, Brussels
2004, Paris Photo, Carrousel of the Louver, Paris
2004, Golestan Gallery, "72 Pics"
2005, Silk Road Gallery, "Zour-khaneh", Tehran 
2005, Art Cultural Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



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