Mehrva Arvin

Iranian Photographer
Mehrva Arvin was born in 1956, in Tehran, Iran.
Member of “Caroun Photo Club” (CPC)
Member of The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)

She has been around photography and films since early childhood. Her uncle used to make 8mm films of the family growing up and old. Her father bought her a camera and Mehrva started to take photos of her interests. Growing up in a country full of architectural and historical monuments, that became a focus for her.

She left for the United States to continue her studies in 1975, and ended up in Berkeley, 
California, where she lived till 1992.

Mehrva 's sole training has been two courses in photography. She started exhibiting in 1985 and then there was a gap of 10 years, while she was trying to find out what is it she would like to do when she grew up!

Well, with lots of changes in her life and her eventual departure from the States and a trip around the world in 1992, she came back home after 18 years abroad. This was a new chapter in her photographic art and has not left her yet!

Individual Exhibitions
Photography Exhibition "Water", Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, September 2007
hoto exhibition "30 years of Solitude", New Hall, Cambridge University, UK, February 2007
Color & Texture Exhibition, Assar Art Gallery, 2005
2002 Sensation of feet, Aria gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2002
Sensation of feet, Villa Matarazzo, Castellabate, Italy, 2002
Sensation of feet, il Laboratorio/ le edizioni, Naples, Italy, 2002
Visions, Dialogue among Civilizations Ave Gallery Tehran, Iran, 1999
Photographs from Iran Nexus Gallery Berkeley, USA, 1997
Glance At Europe Just Desserts Gallery San Francisco, USA Photographs taken in Europe, mostly architectural works, 1985

Shadows Aria Gallery Tehran, Iran, 2000
Reflections Aria Gallery Tehran, Iran, 1998

Group Exhibitions
Group Photo Exhibition, Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, Feb 2008
Group Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, 2007
Group Photo Exhibition in Sanandaj, Orumieh and Hamadan cities in Iran, 2007
Green Photo Exhibition, Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, 2006
International Women's Day Barg Gallery Tehran, Iran, 2000
Repackaging the space Seyhoun Gallery Tehran, Iran, 2000
National Heritage Foundation Winner in field of photography Sad-abad Cultural Complex Tehran, Iran, 1996
Art in the City Just Desserts Gallery San Francisco, USA A group work on the city of San Francisco, 1986
Group Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, 2007





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