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Iranian Photographer

Naghmeh Ghassemlo

Naghmeh Ghassemlo
Art University, Tehran, Iran, 1986-1991
BA in Film, Concentration in Cinematography

Photo Exhibitions
Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Jan. 2004
Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Jan. 2004
Aria Gallery, Tehran, Dec. 2003
Festival Femmes en Iran Mairie d'Evry, France, March 2003
Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Dec. 2002
Ebn Sina Gallery, Tehran, Sept. 2002
Aria Gallery, Tehran, Oct. 2001
Asar Gallery, Tehran, Sept. 2001
Barg Gallery, Tehran, March 2000
Aria Gallery, Tehran, Jan. 2000
Aria Gallery, Tehran, Dec. 1998
International Youth Cinema Festival, Photo Exhibition, Tehran, June 1996
5th International Photographic Biennale, Tehran, Sept. 1993
Tehran Flower and Plant Show, Photo Exhibition, Tehran, May 1992
4th International Photographic Biennale, Tehran, Sept. 1991





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