Fraser Valley Potters

Canada, British Columbia
Pottery Shops 
The Black Porch
(Pottery by Linda Vaun Scobie)
6116 Golf Road, Agassiz, BC, 604-796-9871

Driediger Pottery
41640 Yarrow Central Road, Yarrow, BC, 604-823-6961

Greendale Pottery & Country Guest House
42245 South Sumas Road, Chilliwack, BC, 604-823-6430

Jo Priestley
33140 Richards Avenue, Mission, BC, V2V 7E5, 604-826-3482

Rainforest Pottery
4718 No. 3 Road, Yarrow, BC, 604-823-6544

Schellenberg Pottery
4450 No. 3 Road, Yarrow, BC, 604-823-4490

Simpson Pottery (Glass Roots Stusio)
29119 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, 604-857-7517

Venema Pottery
34917 Harris Road, RR1, Abbotsford, BC, V3G 1R7, 604-308-6152
Connie Glover
1872 - 136th Street, Surrey, BC, V4A 4E5, 604-531-6508

Marilyn (Molly) Magid
32938  4th Avenue, Mission, BC, V2V 1S1, 604-14-0111

Pottery By Linda (Linda Reedman)
11957  149B Street, Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 1K3, 604-465-7093

Wildrice Studio (Keith & Celia Rice-Jones)
8072  11th Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V3N 2N7, 604-522-8803

Pottery Pleasures & Treasures
Pat's Pots (Pat Schendel)
13356  64th Avenue, Surrey, BC, 604-594-0470

Pottery Place
(Heather Northam)
12186 North Park Cr., Surrey, BC, 604-596-4560

Pottery Pleasures (Dianne Wilson)
Langley, BC, 604-530-1303

Pottery Treasures (Lucille Webster)
12234 Parktree Cr., Surrey, BC, V3X 1Z8, 604-597-8992


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