Pottery is in fact the same "Earthenware Ceramic", a piece of ceramic, preheated between 850 to 1000 degree C and having irregular porosity.

It is technical definition of earthenware, but in general, the word is applied to the objects made of the cooked clay, such as bowls, jugs, …

In Persian, it is called “Sofal”; the word “Sofal” also applies to the hull of nuts and dry pomegranate.

“Crockery” or “Pottery” is applied to the art or fabrication of dishes and to the cooked clay objects.

Earthenware is generally applied to the products made through crockery, such as statue, plate, … sometimes enamel-less earthenware is called to “Pottery” and enameled kind is called “Crockery”.

“Strass or Paste”: The clay strass applied in making earthenware has a red, gray or buff color.

Different species of earthenware are divided into three groups from the point of view of:
1- Enamel
2- Feature
3- Ornamental and Painting

Photo by: © Masoud Soheili

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