a) Enamel-less Earthenware
At first, when human being made and utilized earthenware, their manufacture was primitive, without trimming or enamel covering; later, having progress in enameling of earthenware, the artisans and artists made enameled dishes as well as enamel-less.
This procedure is still carried on.

b) Enameled Earthenware
Raw enamel is a dry combination of powdered organic materials, which melts after heating and becomes an adhesive viscous liquid and turns into a glassy liquid after getting cold.

Raw enamel could be mixed with water and could be utilized as a rather somersaulted mixture in water.

Cooked enamel is used, first of all, as an ornamental device and makes ceramic objects impenetrable against liquids. This enamel is like a glassy sheet, as a covering all over the body.

Photo by: © Masoud Soheili

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