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A note on Modern Architecture
: Hossein Sultan-zadeh
Acoustical Ceilings: Sandy Chiu, Helen Wong
Analysis of the Motifs of Bastam Historical Complex: Laleh Mehdi-Nejad & Mohammad Khazaei
Angular Wall Decorations: Brickwork of Dezful City: Seyed Nezameddin Emami Far
The Architecture of Birjand City (Iran): Zohreh BozorgNia
Architecture's Glory in Kamaleddin Behzad Works: Ali Asqar Shirazi
Architecture Photography:
Masoud Soheili
Architecture, Global Pluralism & Regional Crises: Darab Diba
Brick and Pattern: Mahmood Maheronnaqsh
Caravansaries in Iran: Mohammad Yusef Kiani
Centrality inTraditional Buildings: Rahman Ahmadi Maleki
Cork Flooring: Megan Jocelyn, Lisa Ji, Melissa Jansen
Courtyard: Nazanin Salimi
Decorative Metalwork: Karen Ussher, Tammy Desharnais
Effects of climate on the form & elevation of buildings in Iran: Nazanin Salimi
Ethical Consideration in Architecture & Urban Planning: Parvin Partovi
Foundation of Cities: Darab Diba
From the Figures & Patterns of Broken Walls & Doors: Mohammad Ali Sarami, Gholam Reza Nasrollahi
Globalization of Architectural Fundaments: Darab Diba
Integral Architecture: Negar Hakim
Leather: Christel Mononen, Pinky Ngai, Sarah Griffin
Light in Traditional and Islamic Architecture of Iran: Simon Ayvazian
Linoleum Flooring: Jennifer Ranger, Jennifer Earle, Nasrin Asadi
Mouldings: Carmen Whiting, Ryan Patzer
Plastic Laminate: Zara Tan, Caitlyn Murray
Structuralism in Architecture and City Planning: Parvin Partovi
Terrazzo: Sandy Lu, Tammy Henry
Urban Development in Asia: Zeinab Daei-pour
Urban Planning in India, From First Settlements to 20th Century Cities: Q. R. Haqiqat Naini
Vandalism or Revitalization? Koolhaas Reworks Mies’ Masterpiece: Mona Jahedi
Vinyl Flooring: Jennifer Ranger, Jennifer Earle, Nasrin Asadi
Window Covering – Wood Shutters: Zsuzsanna Etey, Judi Christink
Wood Carving in South India: Sara Pakiari
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