Reprinted from:
Honar Nameh
University of Art, Tehran
No. 25, Winter 2005
(A brief of the articles)


Urban Development in Asia

By: Zeinab Daei-pour, Iran, 2005

The uncontrollable growth of Asia cities has not yet found a proper solution due to the instruments. While developed nations are dealing with issues such as sustainable development based on conserving natural resources and environmental pollution, developing nations are preoccupied with basic issues of providing safe drinking water, living quarters… In addition, the main factor influencing urban growth in developing countries is increasing one-way migration of rural population to cities, in search of employment. Such a problem was never met with any point in the history during the course of urban growth in Western countries.

This article discusses the various and different indices of urban development in developing and developed countries in an effort to demonstrate the context for development in these countries; and, the incompatibility between Western solutions and models and the conditions, and aims of developing countries.

Finally, the article discusses programs and projects that advocate “native applications”, as well as the ideas and projects of two Asian planners, who look at urban design as a tool of economic and social development in the region.


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