Beauty Caught in the Labyrinth of the Palace of Thought
Jalaleddin Kashef Soltani
Reprinted from: Honar Nameh, University of Art, Tehran, No. 1, 1997 (A brief of the article)

Beauty Caught in the Labyrinth of the Palace of Thought: A Look at the Concepts of Beauty in the Garden of Reason and Imagination

Aesthetics has been, and still is, a preoccupation of the world's great philosophers and thinkers, and artists. We discuss it in a summary fashion, hoping to arrive at the true meaning of "Beauty".

Aesthetics is defined, its etymology discussed, and the original use of it are noted, in order to demonstrate its elaborate extent. Views of philosophers, such as Benedetto Crose, Socrates and Plato, and artists such as the Greek sculptor, Polyclitus, are noted.

One group of philosophers and scholars consider beauty a changing fact, and another group considers it unchanging. In the light of the views of Eastern thinkers, such as Sohrevardi, who posits a philosophy of taste, we enter upon this transcendental world, which we have likened to the labyrinth cave of Crete, and which in the West has not let to a solution. We hope that we approach nearer the aim of understanding the science of beauty.

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