Fal-nameh Shah Tahmasb (Book of Dinivation)
Mehdi Hosseini
Reprinted from: Honar Nameh, University of Art, Tehran, No. 23, Summer 2004 (A brief of the article)

During the reign of Shah Tahmasb (1524-76), we were confronted with a large number of manuscripts such as Shah Tahmasb Shah-nameh, Khamseh oh Nizami, collection of poems of Hafiz and many other sumptuously illustrated books and manuscripts. But one more substantial manuscript of this period is Fal-nameh, or Book of Dinivation of Jaafar Al-Sedigh. The manuscript presumably started in the late 1540s. It was completed around 1550s. Unlike other illustrated manuscripts of this period, its pages are large, approximately 450x600 mm, and without any inscription within the format of paintings.

The unusually outsize copy of Fal-nameh is due to the fact that in middle age, many people’s eyes can no longer focus on microscopic details, especially consistent of many paintings of this period. Shah was no exception, and creation of Fal-nameh with such unusual dimension was Shah’s priority.

Creation of Fal-nameh has been linked with Shah Tahmasb personal circumstances in this period. Shah increasing religiosity accompanied by a superstitious and obsessive nature, which is reflected in Fal-nameh paintings.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب