The History of First Galleries
Minoo Iranpour
This article is Published in Golestan Honar Quarterly, Iran, No. 19, 2003

"Collecting" began with the collection of antique objects. In the course of presenting artistic works, the opinion took shape that objects could be valuable in themselves, without considering the relationship to religion or any other activity.

Domestic use of artistic works evolved from a few portable painting during the middle ages to their showing in a gallery "Enmasse" in the sixteenth century.

Decorating the walls with paintings in a proper manner developed since then. Arranging the paintings on the basis of dates and schools developed since the mid nineteenth century, believing that paintings should be hung in appropriate intervals, in order to better appreciated.

Factors such as size, rarity and fragility determined the method of displaying the works. For example, drawings would be placed in albums; ceramics, when they were not so widespread, would be placed along with silver and gold objects.

With the increase in production of art, museums became spaces for displaying prominent styles and methods.

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