Gerhard Richter and the Figurative Tradition in Painting
Mehdi Hosseini
Reprinted from: Honar Nameh, University of Art, Tehran, No11, 2001 (A brief of the article)

Gerhard Richter is considered one of the pivotal artists in post World War II in Germany.

His works are often based on photographs, he had either himself taken of everyday subjects or selected from magazines and newspapers.

While the magazine and newspaper photographs are often clear and explicit, Richter's oil paintings are hazy and possess a passing, unstable and shaky quality. These are Richter's "Photo-paintings".

Along with photojournalistic works, Richter attempts to create abstract works as well. But, unlike his figurative works, which are often in hues of gray, his abstract works reveal dynamism and varied colors and they are somewhat aggressive.

Richter is a prominent modern artist, whose protest against the established order is expressed in a figurative form.

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